• Citrus
  • Sparkling
This cocktail – made by the team at the Refectory Bar at the Plymouth distillery – is a true celebration of our partnership with the Ocean Conservation Trust. It brings together the perfect blend of clean and refreshing flavours that’ll make waves every time you shake it up. In the distillery, we serve it in a transparent, ridged highball glass that gives the illusion of ocean waves, before brushing a number one on the side using a blue algae powder – symbolising how we are at ‘one’ with our oceans. When you’re making it at home, we recommend serving it in your favourite cocktail glass while imagining the sound of breaking waves.


  • Step 1

    Make your citric acid syrup. Combine 100g caster sugar, 100ml of boiling water and 12g of citric acid in a bowl and stir until it becomes a clear syrup.

  • Step 2

    Fill a shaker with ice

  • Step 3

    Add citric acid syrup, Italicus and Plymouth gin and a pinch of salt to the shaker

  • Step 4

    Shake and strain over a glass filled with ice

  • Step 5

    Top with tonic